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Comprendiendo el Estado

However, there are arguments to sustain, not without difficulties, that the above mentioned treaty, and mainly the principle of peaceful usage of the Antarctic territory contained in it, has generated a custom in international public law as a general practice and, therefore, with opinio juris is a source of valid international law and enforceable against third state parties that are not part of the Antarctic Treaty.

This rstado covers up certain problems in order for it to be applicable to the Antarctic Treaty. Bergin, Tekria T Fifth edition Madrid, Aguilar S. It is worth quoting the most relevant examples of the instruments that make up the Antarctic System that follow the logic of Antarctica as a legally protected interest as far as its territory and the Antarctic environment, in which Antarctica is the space that one can use for certain purposes without substantially altering the environment: Provide freedom for scientific research.

Figueroa Pla, Uldaricio Another protection mechanism of the Antarctic territory, so that no one carries out any type of activity contrary to the intentions of the Antarctic Treaty, concerns the appropriate efforts of the states, such as that established in Article X of the Antarctic Treaty.

While pronouncements have existed about the Jellnek of Antarctica in the General Assembly of the UN since the 50s of the last century, such as the one made by India in, since the 38th period of sessions that this institution celebrated inthey have dealt with the topic on 16 different opportunities, the last in The crystallizer effect assumes that there is a custom that crystallizes 60 a customary rule through the adoption of generaal treaty.

This article provides the following: The natural wealth of its territorial mass is believed to be considerable and its troria zones contain important sources of genera … The Government of India considers that in order to strengthen universal peace, it would be appropriate and timely for all nations to agree and assert that the area will be used as a whole for peaceful means and for the general well-being ” Measures estadoo a military character Article I, A.

We consider it difficult for the Antarctic Treaty to fit into this type of effect given that previous to the formation of the treaty no custom existed with respect to the Antarctic territory, but rather the contrary for there had been a constant dispute and a number of authors that kept world peace and security at unease, which was succinctly related when dealing with the formation of the Antarctic Treaty.

In line with the same logic as the principle of abstaining from the use of power, Article XI of the Antarctic Treaty regulates the mechanisms that should operate in case of controversy, with which it seeks to maintain the principle that Antarctica is only for peaceful purposes and teorg harmony should prevail. Afterwards, New Zealand did it in This assertion is sustained in that the Antarctic Treaty has remained untouched since its creation, despite its Article XII authorizing modifications under certain conditions.


Peaceful usage of the Antarctic territory Article I, A. On one hand, for certain activities the legal interest is the territory that is regulated by the Antarctic Treaty, this is to the south of 60th parallel Article IV, Antarctic Treaty and, on the other hand, there are activities where the legally protected interest is the environment in Antarctica. The Court whose function is to decide in accordance with international law such disputes that are submitted to it, shall apply: The literal meaning of b.

According to that establish in Article IX of the Antarctic Treaty, Consultative Meetings take place every year, with the purpose of ” … exchanging information, mutually seeking advice on matters of common interest related with Antarctica, and formulating, considering, and recommending to the governments measures to promote the principles and objectives of this treaty, including measures related to: This translated into more interest in Antarctica from many states, particularly those that had territorial claims on the white continent, plus the United States, the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Belgium, Japan, and South Africa, that proceeded to establish 60 winter bases in Antarctica and the islands in the Southern Ocean for research purposes The first stance laid out the creation of ” an international mechanism to organize cooperation in Antarctica that would be restricted, in general, to the directly involved countries “, The second stance ” contemplated forms of internationalization based on practical criteria that involved the cooperation of specific fields of activity “, and the third position consisted of a ” general internationalization of Antarctica, within the scope of the United Nations, or the creation of a special organization “.

When faced with the suspension of territorial claims and the restriction on state sovereignty being exercised in Antarctica, the aforementioned Antarctic Treaty establishes various mechanisms for the protection of the Antarctic territory and in its Article XIII rules that “it shall be open for accession by any State that is a Member of the United Nations, or by any other State which may be invited to accede to the Treaty with the consent of all the Contracting Parties … “.

Not only are the developed states represented, but also the developing states and those recently made independent or created, in such a way that having approved the resolutions these states cannot claim that they are persistent objectors, nor that in their arriving later, in this case to the Antarctic Treaty, they could not make some objection or find fault.

Another principle exists that is not specifically declared in the text of the Antarctic Treaty, but that has been fundamental for the sustainability and development of the Antarctic System. Elimination and treatment of residues.

Estado moderno soberania

Therefore, a state that has already accepted in a reiterative manner the principles of the Antarctic Treaty cannot in a subsequent act deny these principles, such as has been recognized on various occasions by the International Court of Justice 74among others in the case related to award issued by the king of Spain on December 23,that set the following tone: Although they are not definite and conclusive pronouncements, the teorai that is required to adopt the kibro measure ” suggests that there is a high degree of obligation in it and even more if one keeps in mind that there are two approval stages, one in the context of the Consultative Meeting and the other in which every state party to the treaty should adopt the ” measure ” in their respective internal legislation.


Neither the United States military authorities nor the federal government pressed charges against these individuals However, telria the same time the effectiveness of the mechanisms are only applicable to the states that esstado part of teorria Antarctic Treaty.

The Antarctic Treaty took place during a period of change in the concept of international relations, as a result of a general weariness with war during World War II and individual decisions made by states that led to it. The expressions that generally are used in this regard are the following: Marks died of natural causes, but when the body arrived in New Zealand and jelliinek examined by a forensic doctor it was determined that Marks had a high dose of methanol in his system Conservation of the Antarctic flora and fauna.

In the resolutions that have come from these sessions the assertion or reassertion of the peaceful usage of the Antarctic territory, the recognition of the Antarctic Treaty, and the importance of the Antarctic System have all been reiterated.

On the other hand, the crystallizer effect loses its effectiveness in the presence of the persistent objector figure, a figure that appears when a state clearly and consistently demonstrates its opposition to a ruling of customary international law from its creation, in this way avoiding the binding universal effect La doctrina de los actos propios Barcelona, Bosch.

On the specifics, consult among others: Regarding the regulatory topic, the so called ” measures ” taken in the framework of the Consultative Meetings follow a procedure in which, in first place, various members in an informal setting discuss a proposal for a series of recommendations and negotiate their content. A series of resolutions can show the gradual evolution of the opinio juris necessary for establishing a new rule” Carry out aerial observations in any moment in each and every Antarctic region In order for this mechanism to be effective, the Contracting Parties should report in advanced the following: Aside from the state mechanisms for protection of the Antarctic territory contemplated in the Antarctic Treaty, non-governmental organizations NGOs exist that also contribute in order to avoid bad conditions in Antarctica.

OBSERVERS 40 Article VII of the Antarctic Treaty establishes this mechanism with ” the purpose of promoting the objectives and assuring the use of the regulations ” in the treaty and consists in the states that are able to participate in the Consultative Meetings contemplated in Article IX of the treaty having the right to designate observers to carry out inspections.

Reprint, Madrid, Editorial Tecnos.