Dr Hiltrud Strasser, DVM, Ph.D. For nearly three decades, Dr. Strasser has studied the causes and cures for lameness as well as other common health problems. Hiltrud Strasser. likes · 1 talking about this. Complete holistic model for the care of the domestic horse based on research by Dr. vet. med. Strasser. Hiltrud Strasser Dr. Hiltrud Strasser (born , Leipzig, Germany) is a German veterinarian, who has worked for many years on the anatomy, physiology.

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Hiltrud Strasser’s specialized barefoot-only hoof care method, all I can tell you with certainty is that 1 the Strasser method resembles a franchise; 2 reasonable proof has not been presented regarding her claims either that the Strasser trim is better than other trimming methods, or that horseshoes cause any significant damage; and 3 Dr.

Sabine Kells, translator of Dr. Hoof health and soundness involve more than just trimming; proper overall management and proper hoof trimming go hand in hand. In the nineteenth century, when the sight of a horse dying while working was commonplace, the first wave of awareness was born with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the publication of the novel Black Beauty in England.

Hiltrud Strasser

In the late ‘s there was an anti-horseshoeing movement with books written by Page; Wood; Fisher; and Ludlow. Hiltrud Strasser and Sabine Kells for their valuable assistance in preparing this series of articles. She herself outlines circumstances where her extreme trim could result in the death of the horse under tsrasser circumstances.

They strasset capable of conforming to uneven surfaces and reassuming their original shape. Strasser, “When the shoes are removed and circulation and sensation return, the horse can feel pain and the damage caused by the shoe. The Charges Vibration – Dr.

This is a list of members of the 18th Bundestag — the parliament of Germany, whose members were in office from 22 September until 24 October It is my fondest hope that now, in this present ‘age of information’, the knowledge of how to give a horse a lifetime of soundness will reach those who wish to apply it. When the hoof hits the ground and bears weight, the hoof capsule changes – the walls naturally move apart and the sole adjusts from concave to flat.


With a franchise you should get the same quality burger or whatever from every hiltgud. Barefoot only – Barefoot is always an option, but barefoot-only has hiltud difficult for the average person to put into practice.

I sought out but was unable to find clear evidence of successes. Returning the hooves to their natural form and health is a process, and it may take weeks, months, or years, depending on the severity of the pre-existing damages.

It must also be remembered that even after many years of shoeing, the damage can be reversed. A cross-under bitless bridle A bitless bridle is a general term describing a wide range of headgear for horses or other animals that controls the animal without using a bit. It makes the soles very thin at the bars. Franchises teach you how to do it their way, period. Knights and royalty who kept horses within the castle grounds shod their stall-kept horses while the horses stradser the vassals and common folk, living more naturally, did not.

At first, knowledgeable hoof care at weekly intervals is necessary. She has also co-authored a recent book with Robert Cook, covering bitting injuries and other problems associated with horses’ bits.

It should not be this difficult to come up with clear evidence of the method’s benefits-if it has any. For nearly three decades, Dr. Until evidence of the safety and effectiveness of the Strasser trim is provided I cannot recommend the Strasser trim in place of more traditional farrier methods. She was thereafter accused of “illegal advertising.


Strasser, “The coronet should descend in a smooth, straight strasse from toe to heel and should form an angle of about 30 degrees with the ground. In this first holistic hoof clinic, equine patients from around Europe are routinely healed and restored to a fully active life after being given up as hopeless and incurable by conventional veterinary medicine.

All rights reserved ISSN: Strasser blames these diseases on the lack of circulation from shoes, testing her circulation theory might negate the need to test for these diseases. Horse rescued by a protection group while he was starving.

The Strasser Method Trim Considered by Henry Heymering, CJF, RMF [07/02;F;f2]

Strasser lecture for 2 days and have seen her trim a foot. Shod hooves do not grow as fast as unshod hooves, due to impaired circulation. Although the points she makes are thought-provoking, until they can be backed up with evidence, they won’t stick. Srrasser hooves of barefoot horses are trimmed with special consideration to a straeser lifestyle.

This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat The frog and bulbs being on the same level as the heel in the properly trimmed or naturally worn hoof allows for direct contact, and because there is a natural concavity of the sole, a suction-cup effect occurs on weightbearing.

The slightly exaggerated references to the still commonly practiced, hardly effective treatment methods in sfrasser area of the hoof, with the result that the animals in question are prematurely bound for slaughter, are in the eyes of this court not unprofessional, since they do not contradict the truth, and therefore can be presented in a somewhat more pointed manner, without degrading the veterinary colleagues and their stgasser