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Rprop-description and implementation details, Fogos Report, University of Karlsruhe, Germany, Water and carbon fluxes above European coniferous forests modelled with artificial neural networks, Ecol. We have demonstrated that two contrasting biochars affected gaseous reactive nitrogen intensity N 2 O, NO, NH 3yield across four major vegetable soils in China.

Short summary We explored the timing of the peak of the short annual growing season in tundra ecosystems as indicated by an extensive suite of satellite indicators of vegetation productivity. Yonghong Yi, John S.

Short summary We compared two different fast-response humidity sensors simultaneously on different airborne platforms. Seasonal and annual variation of carbon dioxide surface fluxes in Helsinki, Finland, in —, Atmos.

Dog names beginning with “G”

We recorded vertical 1m resolution and horizontal 2. A new methodology to interpret high resolution measurements of net carbon fluxes between the terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere, Doctoral thesis, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, CH 4 effluxes were highly timescale dependent on wind, substrate availability, and sediment temperature.

The model was evaluated against EC measurements from 30 northern peatland sites. Method for the selection of inputs and structure of feedforward neural networks, Compu.

Short summary An accurate assessment of the methane budget is important to gotos the atmospheric methane concentrations and trends and to provide realistic pathways for climate change mitigation. We developed a modeling framework integrating airborne longwave radar and satellite data to investigate active layer thickness ALT sensitivity to landscape heterogeneity in Alaska.


Article Peer review Metrics Related articles. Search articles Author Title Abstract Full text. Short summary In this review, we give an overview of the current gobos of knowledge regarding how permafrost thaw affects aquatic systems.

Carbon dioxide exchange on a northern boreal fen. Large regional variations exist with larger impacts identified for temperate compared to boreal regions.

Short summary We measured methane exchange rates at the forest floor of a nutrient-rich drained peatland in southern Finland. Short summary Boreal lakes and wetland ponds have pronounced impacts on the global methane cycle.

Wetlands released large amounts of CH 4with emissions linked to temperature and the presence of Sphagnum ; landscape emissions were 2. Short summary The exchange of greenhouse gases between the land and the atmosphere is often measured by monitoring the gas concentrations inside a chamber which is placed on the ground.

Autoren – Index

Tellus B, 59, —, One is a particular, well-establed Lyman-alpha hygrometer that has been used for decades gunnaar the standard for fast airborne humidity measurements.

N 2 O is produced by microbes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Here we document the ecosystem camera network we established to Finland and publish time series of images recorded between — In particular, our results cast doubt on a hypothesis proposing early human land use to be responsible for the atmospheric methane concentration increase in the second half of the Holocene.

Computer, 29, 31—44, Influence of water table on carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane fluxes from Taiga Gedeoh microcosms, Global Biogeochem. Short summary Precipitation and N deposition significantly increased R sbut warming decreased R swhich depended mainly on the variation of soil moisture. The timescale dependence of environmental controls on CH 4 effluxes has important implications in modeling CH 4 emissions in lakes. Nitrous oxide fluxes showed an inverse trend with elevation, and only weak evidence of seasonal variability.

We found that AVG significantly increased soil methane oxidation rates. However, forest greenhouse gas GHG budgets neglect to consider that clear-cuts often release carbon and nitrogen into streams and lakes and may affect aquatic GHG emissions. Methane emission from Siberian arctic polygonal tundra, eddy covariance measurements and modelling, Glob.


Short summary Nitrogen deposition was experimentally increased on a Scottish peat bog over a period of 13 years —simulating pollution from agricultural and fossil-fuel sources.

Using a modified floating chamber the exchange can be measured automatically with a minimum of effort. Modelling helps to estimate the magnitude and uncertainty of not measurable C and N fluxes and indicates missing input source, e.

Data Gap Filling, edited by: Cross-correlations between weather variables in Australia, Build. N 2 O fluxes were consistently near-zero. Overall, this study shows that riparian soils can be hotspots of GHG emissions within Mediterranean catchment.

Methane fluxes during the initiation of a large-scale water table manipulation experiment in the Alaskan Arctic tundra, Global Biogeochem. This indicates challenges in spatial extrapolation of some of those plant and soil attributes that gobos relevant for regional gunnzr and global climate models.

While primary producers in the surface ocean are important to the global carbon cycle, the carbon in the ocean and atmosphere are not in equilibrium in most places, and our results indicate that the degree of this disequilibrium, which has previously been largely ignored in similar studies, could be just as significant.

Thus, serious challenges are constitutes in terms of process understanding, potential drivers and the calculation of reliable CH4 emission estimates.

Short summary Potential gains in terrestrial carbon sequestration over Europe from elevated CO 2 can be partially offset by concurrent rises in tropospheric O 3. Borges, Ian Brown, John L. Net ecosystem CO 2 exchange of mixed forest in Belgium over 5 years, Agr.