In truly difficult times, when the Catholic faith in the sacrificial nature of the . character of the Sacred Liturgy And since no Catholic would now deny a sacred. Second Edition of the General Instruction on the Roman Missal (GIRM) approved by Pope Paul VI and declared by the Congregation for Divine Worship to be. The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM)—in the Latin original, Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani (IGMR)—is the detailed document governing the celebration of Mass of the ordinary form of the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church since

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If a host or any particle should fall, it is to be picked up reverently. At the final doxology of the Eucharistic Prayer, the deacon stands next to the priest, holding the chalice elevated while the priest elevates the paten with the host, until the people have responded with the acclamation, Amen. The Communion chant begins while the priest is receiving the Sacrament cf.

When they reach the sanctuary, the priest, the deacon, and the ministers reverence the altar with a profound bow. In texts that are to be pronounced in a loud and clear voice, whether by the Priest or the Deacon, or by a reader, or by everyone, the voice should correspond to the genre of the text itself, that is, depending upon whether it is a reading, a prayer, an explanatory comment, an acclamation, or a sung text; it should also be suited to the form of celebration and to the yirm of gifm gathering.

The chapter headings are:. If there is to be a second reading before the Gospel, the lector proclaims it from the ambo. This will best be accomplished if, with due regard for the nature and the particular circumstances of each liturgical assembly, the entire celebration is planned in such a way that it leads to a conscious, active, and full participation of the faithful both in body and in mind, a participation burning with faith, hope, and charity, of the sort which is desired by the Church and demanded by the very nature of the celebration, and catgolic which the Christian people have cagholic right and duty by reason of their Baptism.

General Instruction of the Roman Missal – Wikipedia

Among those things assigned to the Priest, the prime place is occupied by the Eucharistic Prayer, which is the high point of the whole celebration. In addition, certain adaptations are indicated in the proper place in the Missal and pertain respectively to the diocesan Bishop or to the Conference of Bishops, in accord with the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy [35] cf.


When in fact there is no choir, it is up to the cantor to lead the different chants, with the people taking part. When the people are gathered, and as the Priest enters with the Gigm and ministers, the Entrance Chant begins. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. After the collect, all sit. A bow signifies reverence and honor shown caholic the persons themselves or to the signs that represent them.

At Mass, a single Prayer over the Offerings is said, and it ends with the shorter conclusion, that is: Even though the faithful no longer bring from their own possessions the bread and wine intended for the liturgy as was once the case, nevertheless the rite of carrying up the offerings still keeps its spiritual efficacy and significance.

The priest, standing at the chair or at the ambo firm or, when appropriate, in another suitable place, gives the homily. At the ambo, the priest opens the book and, with hands joined, says, Dominus vobiscum The Lord be with youand the people respond, Et cum spiritu tuo And also with you. The norms on the manner of singing are the same as for the Entrance chant cf.

Concelebration, which appropriately expresses the unity of the cwtholic, of the Sacrifice, and also of the whole People of God, is prescribed by the rite itself for the Ordination of a Bishop and of priests, at the blessing of an abbot, and at the Chrism Mass.

Chapter II: The Structure of the Mass, Its Elements, and Its Parts

Before leaving the altar, the concelebrants make a profound bow to the altar. The faithful, moreover, should not refuse to serve the People of God gladly whenever they are asked to perform some particular ministry or function in the celebration. The presiding priest is also to direct the word of God and to impart the final blessing.

Unless the good of the Christian faithful requires or suggests otherwise, concelebration is also recommended at. Even money or other gifts for the poor or for the Church, brought by the faithful or collected in the church, are acceptable; given their purpose, they are to be put in a suitable place away from the Eucharistic table.

Sacred silence also, as part of the celebration, is to be observed at the designated times. If the chalice is purified at the altar, it may be carried to the credence table by the minister or may again be placed on the altar at the side. Further, if another suitable lector is also not present, then the priest celebrant should also proclaim the other readings.


Cattholic faithful should sit, on the other hand, during the grm before the Gospel and the Responsorial Psalm and for the Homily and during the Preparation of the Gifts at the Offertory; and, if girk, they may sit or kneel during the period of sacred silence after Communion.

The bread and wine for the Eucharist are carried to the celebrant, who places them upon the altar, while other gifts are put in another appropriate place cf. Finally, in this manner the liturgical norms of the Council of Trent have certainly been completed and perfected in many respects by those of the Second Vatican Council, which has brought to realization the efforts of the last four hundred years to bring the faithful closer to the sacred Liturgy especially in recent times, and above all the zeal for the Liturgy promoted by St.

When the Sacred Scriptures are read in the Church, God himself speaks to his people, and Christ, present in his own word, proclaims the Gospel.

General Instruction of the Roman Missal

Another type of adaptation is an indult. When the distribution of Communion is completed, the deacon returns to the altar with the priest and collects the fragments, if any remain, and then carries the chalice and other sacred vessels to the credence table, where he purifies them and arranges them in the usual way while the priest returns to the chair.

For following the publication first of the Sacramentary known as the Gregorian incritical grim of other ancient Roman and Ambrosian Sacramentaries were published, often in book form, as were ancient Hispanic and Gallican liturgical books which brought to light numerous prayers of no slight spiritual excellence that had previously been unknown. Todd on GIRM They are announced from the ambo or from another suitable place, by the Deacon or by a cathklic, a reader, or one of the lay faithful.

In setting forth its instructions for the revision of the Order of Mass, the Second Vatican Council, using the same words as did St. The homily, Profession of Faith, and Prayer of the Faithful, however, develop and conclude this part of the Mass. Then the Act of Penitence takes place, hirm, if required by the rubrics, the Kyrie and Gloria are said. Then he places the paten with the catholiic on the corporal. Views Read Edit View history.