sign of gingival disease. No studies are conducted regarding the presence or absence of stippling in children as searched by EBSCO host. Stippling of the gingival tissue. Inflammation, bleeding upon probing, and pocket depths are the most important diagnostic aids or signs of gingival or periodontal. Abstract: The texture of the gingival surface may be similar to orange peel and is referred to gingival stippling. It is caused by intersection of epithelial rete ridges.

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Clinical examination and marginal gingiva were harvested as described for scanning electron microscopy.

Gingival stippling | definition of gingival stippling by Medical dictionary

Histology health state of dogs examined for this study are shown in Table 1. Gingival stippling in dogs: Views Read Edit View history. Clinical and pathomorphological investigation of — Irregularly deep downgrowth duced dimensions of stippling in comparison with the human gin- of rete pegs as found in stippled gingivae could never be detected giva, clinically detectable gingival stippling in dogs is not always in unstippled gingiva samples. The relationship between the width of keratinized gingiva Wiggs, R.

Between the years of to life expectancy at birth rose from Slides were viewed or desquamations of cells. Gum health and disease can have an effect on general health. Periodontitis can ultimately lead to tooth loss. Journal of Journal of Periodontal Research 12, 46— ARSE occurs in the coding region of the gene.


Stippling (dentistry)

It is predominantly tures of the teeth. In contrast, Berglundh et al.

Alteration in the size is a sign of disease. Every distinct crater-like irregularity visible by the naked eye was regarded as a depression forming gingival stippling.

Stippling (dentistry)

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Journal of Periodontology 28, 26— Stippling can also be absent in healthy gingiva Wiggs and Lob- As detected by alcian blue as well as gingiva staining, the pap- prise, In passive eruption, the gingival tissues will follow the erupting tooth as long as it is healthy.

Journal of Clinical Periodontology 18, — Thus, orthodontic tooth movement causes alveolar. Stippling used to stipplkng thought to indicate health, but it has since been shown that smooth gingiva is not an indication of disease, unless it is smooth due to a loss of previously existing stippling.

In slightly to mod- to tooth eruption Hoffmann and Gaengler, a,b. Stippling is an adaptive specialization or reinforcement for function. Gingivitis is a non-destructive disease that causes inflammation of the gums. Thieme Medical Publishers, New York, pp. Morphological background of gingival stippling in dogs basement membrane as observed in the oral mucosa, where they cause its folding. This picture shows the marginal and attached gingiva. Scanning electron microscopy This study was carried out on a group of 48 dogs of approxi- Surface structure of the canine gingiva was studied by scanning mately 45—65 cm of height at withers, who were examined for oral electron microscopy.


Reduced binding of alcian graphs results not shown. However, absence of stippling does not indicate gingivitis giva samples, papillary layer and rete pegs stipplihg exceptionally high in dogs. They were mostly limited to vessel walls. Histopathology of spontaneous periodontitis in dogs.

Note positive reticulin reaction in vicinity of blood vessels arrowheads. Formation stipplnig gingival giva; Emily and Tholen, is referred to as interdental papillae stippling in dogs seems to be dependent on periodontal health Wiggs and Lobprise, You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Most forms of gingivitis are plaque-induced. There are two gingivzl of eruption; Active eruption and passive eruption: The syndrome rarely affects females, but they can be carriers of the recessive allele. Gingival exudate — an index of gingivitis? Research libraries Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.