The Gazania genus honors Theodorus Gaza, an influential Greek scholar of the 15th century Palaeologan Renaissance. Botanist Joseph Gaertner first. Gazania Splendens ‘Kiss’ Series. This dense, compact plant has round-shaped, dark green foliage and large, daisy-like flowers on short sturdy stems. Daybreak Bright Orange is a new introduction in seed Gazanias. It will be a strong opponent of the existing seed or cutting gazanias. The “Daybreak” series is.

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A sheltered, sunny spot is essential for the flowers to show their blaze of colour as long as possible.

We are a privately owned company specialised in the supply of wholesale flower seeds to professional growers all over the world. Check our website at www. Like all compoundsgazania flowers in flower heads that are often taken for simple flowers. Design your garden Use our interactive tools to design your dream garden. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Splenedns and Privacy Policy.

Buy Seeds gazania splendens rigens sunshine treasure flower – Perennial & Biennial Plants

Water regularly, gazxnia not overwater Landscape uses – For bed, borders, containers and balcony boxes. Klaus Kubitzki series editor ; Joachim W. Add to Wish List.


Alpine Columbine Aquilegia Alpina 80 seeds The daisy-like flower-heads i. Smoking Tobacco Nicotiana Gazana 50 seeds Widely naturalised in the coastal districts of southern and eastern Australia i. Spring Late Summer Early. Plants prefer a sunny position and are tolerant of dryness and poor soils.

The seven species found to be distinct were G. Gazania krebsiana Wplendens N. We do not take responsibility no reshipping or refund if order shipped with unsecured method was missed in the mail.

They could act as pretty fillers between young shrubs.

Gazania rigens – Wikipedia

Quite indifferent splendehs the nature of the soil, it looks especially for the sun, its flower heads closing when it is in the shade or when the weather is overcastand adapts well to drought. Coastal gazania Gazania rigens can severely alter the vegetation structure in plant communities by suppressing native plants.

At the centre of the flower-heads there are numerous tiny tubular flowers i.

Specific epithet means stiff or rigid. Create a New Collection Collection Name.


The hairy seeds may be spread from these plantings by wind, animals, vehicles and in clothing. Shipping costs are based on the weight of your order and the delivery method. Gazanias are versatile landscape plants. Feed 1 — 2 times per week at — ppm nitrogen.

At the base of each flower-head i. Gazanoa other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Back to Previous Page.

Gazania (Treasure Flower)

Sign up for our e-newsletter. Greg Jordan close-up of floral bracts Photo: You can even choose to pay on invoice, we will inform you gazamia the payment details.

Plants form a cl. Greg Jordan Gazania rigens var. You will be advised of any charges on the checkout page. Light has no effect on germination of Kiss Gazania.

The little red-backed white flowers open fully at. Drought tolerant, they do not require as much water as other annuals or perennials.