FM MCRP D FIELD HYGIENE AND SANITATION HEADQUARTERS , DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY AND COMMANDANT, MARINE CORPS. This page contains the US Army Field Manual on Field Hygiene and Sanitation. Field Hygiene and Sanitation (FM ) [The United States Army] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The purpose of this publication is to.

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The shaking should always be done out of doors. Cultivation of a Healthy Mind The health of the body is interrelated to the health of the mind. Clothing can also be a source of exposure if it is not properly cleaned after contact with poisonous plants.

Eat only fruits and vegetables that grow above the ground. In the unit area, water purification bags are ordinar- ily used to store and dispense the treated water to troops.

Pesticide applications must be reported to higher echelon command, using Department of Defense Form as required by DOD Instruction Thereafter, because the immunity is grad- ually lost, it is necessary to give “booster” doses at periodic intervals in order to restore an adequate level of resistance.

Add pesticide to the clean sanitwtion in the sprayer tank. Characteristics of Lice 96 97 55 III. Combat Service Support Units. Each soldier is respon- sible for protecting his health as well as the health of his fellow soldiers by practicing good personal AGO A 9 hygiene.

This measure may fielf carried out in two ways — 1 When cases or suspects of certain com- municable diseases occur in a command, all possi- ble contacts may be inspected daily during the in- cubation period of the disease to detect any new cases promptly.

FM – Field Hygiene and Sanitation –

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. At least once a week the hair and scalp should be shampooed with soap and water. Garbage and Rubbish 83, 84 46, 47 Chapter 7. It is important that such water be maintained at a rolling boil throughout the meal service period. Should this occur, the ropes should be adjusted so that the cover will again fit snugly around the upper part of the bag and thus prevent contamination of the water by dust and insects.



Muddy or cloudy water should be settled before it is used. In cases of ex- treme emergency, gasoline cans may be safely cleaned for holding potable water by steaming or using detergent and water. Socks should be changed and washed daily.

Full text of “FM Field Hygiene and Sanitation”

However, most of the diseases which are transmitted by food and water are the result of contamination of the food or water with feces, urine, or other infectious material from a person or animal. NOTE The color and volume of the urine steam are good indicators of a service member’s hydration status.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Burnings of the fuel which escapes from the holes in the lower pipe heats the fuel in the upper pipe, causing the fuel to vaporize into gas. Promiscuity increases the chances of developing venereal disease. Diarrhea, especially when vomiting or fever is present, can cause dehydration. Silver fillings, gold in- lays, gold or porcelain crowns, and other types of restorations are also substitutes for lost tooth structure and have varying degrees of functional limitations.

Different types include single flange, hjgiene flange, and hand formed. This reduces congestion and swelling. Among the important adverse effects of the elements are frostbite, trench foot, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and sunburn. Woolen socks should be at least one size larger than cotton socks to allow for shrinkage.

A case is a common source of infection.

In the desert, additional canteens may be required. Addi- tional amounts of water are also required for maintenance of personal hygiene in both hot and cold climates. Everyone was sick, but some had to stay and fight.


Army Field Manual FM 21-10 (Field Hygiene and Sanitation)

The following precautions must be taken: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Even in mobile field situations these “camp followers” have historically amplified sanitation problems, often resulting in epidemics of diarrheal diseases that have caused many casualties.

In order to protect the environment from ad- verse effects of persistent pesticides or those for which hazard may exist through normal use, there will be restric- tions on the use and availability of such items in CONUS and in oversea areas for other than emergency situations.

However, they cannot replace and must not be used to meet all water requirements. In each command to which dental personnel are assigned, a pre- ventive dentistry officer is also designated.

Make sure the label directions are being followed. Questionable cases must be referred to the unit surgeon without delay.

Protection Fn Disease-Carrying Insects Cleanliness of the body and clothing is the first line of defense against body parasites. Scorpions 70 III.

As such, he or his assistants — 1 Conduct instruction in personal hygiene. This is called initial se- ries. The use of insect repellents and insecticides and the elimination of standing water would have prevented this.

Amazon Drive Sanitatjon storage from Amazon. Some of the devices which have been tried and used success- fully in the field are described in this section. In cold climates it may be neces- sary to thin these oils with gasoline or kerosene to obtain a good flow. Disease agents are transmitted by insects in two general ways: NOTE If ground is too hard for digging, or if the water table is too high, use a pail latrine or a burn-out latrine.