Palinuro de México has ratings and 50 reviews. Megha said: and I vowed that the book which I would write someday would be as sickly, fragile and. Palinuro of Mexico. Latin American Literature Series. Fernando del Paso. Translated by Elisabeth Plaister. Winner of Mexico’s Premio Novela. ILAN STAVANS: Since in ‘Palinuro of Mexico’ you function not only as the FERNANDO DEL PASO: The novel does suffer from excess—excess in style.

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It seems ee there are only a handful of other works by him, but I basically wish I read Spanish so I could seek them out.

Feb 22, Guille rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s excessive and overwhelming, it’s epic and sprawling, it’s many things all at once. Palinuro is a medical student, or wants to be, anyhow.

I feel confident in that. View all 5 comments. In Portugal it also went unnoticed, but the German translation by Suzanne Lang who took five years to complete it was also successful. Ostensibly, this is about a lovedrunk incestuous romance between sex-mad cousins. No trivia or quizzes yet. Thanks to the money I got from the foundation the book began to take shape. Were any nexico changes made in any of these version?


He of course has been a consummate adapter, rewriting or shall I say stealing? In any event Del Pasos certainly feeds off this Carlos travesty with aplomb: Fermando Jose Arreola brought it out in his series El Unicornio. Palinuro of Mexico by Fernando mexkco Paso.

Before leaving Ppalinuro for England, I had some two thousand volumes of my own, which I had to store for more than two decades. Somewhere in the review section for this book I read something along the lines of “Del Paso is the greatest writer alive because he can elongate the phrase ‘Palinuro is such a badass, he knows everything there is to know about medicine and besides he’s fucking his cousin’ for pages”. A good page is one that can be read and enjoyed aloud.


The early third of the book, maybe the first half, is consumed with this sort of poetic, pornographic nonsense that can’t help but be engaging. Los excesos inigualables de esta novela pwso un hito en el gran arte barroco mexicano.

Suffice it to say that the water managed to christen the whole of Palinuro’s anatomy and that, in some cases, it rechristened common places which have always, for generations of wise men and readers, had the same name and thus causing a series of reforms in the realms of geography and the mythological melting fernanro.

For most novelists, the dramatizing of experience is all. Return to Book Page. It’s palinurk so ” I would be very very suprised if you did not enojy it hugely. He mexicoo overshadowed others. Each mirror sends you down a rabbit hole, carrying fenando on an enticing journey full of wonder and splendor. May 09, Luis rated it it was amazing.

I love it from the first moment, but also know that if this wants to really earn that love, it will have to continuously startle and surprise me by carving a path in some yet unknown and unexpected direction through its universe, rather than just rest on its endless allusions, episodes, anatomies, and sheer love of language. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. Could we also include you on the same list? Heck, the Australians are pretty darn good when it comes to it, case in point: It is self referential, carnivalesques, parodic, and satirical, and, at the same time, it offers a variety of levels of meaning and interpretation.

Palinuro de México by Fernando del Paso

This is one of those sure-fire books that get all the modern literature majors excited at their po-mo, creme-limned Starbucks orgies. I noted early on that because of other stresses and fissures, Palinuro of Mexico had become an early morning reprieve.

It has the charm of fairy tales and prince ss stories without being one such story itself. The novel in manuscript was awarded the Premio Novela Mexico, sponsored by Editorial Novaro, a publishing house, as you know, dedicated to comic strips and second- and third-rate titles. Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole. Ostensibly, this is that all-too-rare bird—a freewheeling uninhibited masterwork in pursuance of pure readerly pleasure, of that Gassian wonder of the word.


Have you ever considered a revised version? He expatiates, expounds, declaims and makes metaphor after metaphor out of the tons of facts that make up his enormous erudition, and this becomes a sort of linguistic drama in itself.

And one of the funnier sections of the book, which is quite bursting with humor. I ask because your Spanish seems to me bookish, foreign, its syntax alien, or at least peculiar, to native speakers. Sign into Goodreads to see if any of your friends have read Palinuro of Mexico. Published by Alfaguara first published At that time he told me: Five stars for the house in Holiday Square and the world around it.

Then, Editorial Novaro established this very important prize, which was given first to the Mexican playwright and novelist Jorge Ibarguengoitia, second to the Spanish writer Juan Marse, and in its third year to me.

This essay like collage of structural perambulations does approximate the Human Centipede. Minus one star for wasting a perfect opportunity to write some good stuff on medical school, doctors, students and patients. Five stars for the three friends’ trippy adventures.

I stole the above from Nathan’s review who pinched fernadno from Cervantes who purloined such from Pierre Menard, that sneaky bastard. This was over the top excellent – it mixes tall tale with myth with history with offbeat yet deep pieces of trivia; all of this collages together into a dense encyclopedic feat of literature.

There are novels of the spirit, and there are novels of the body.