“Fairy Tale” by Cyn Balog is an entertaining account of a modern day fairy tale, occurring in New Jersey where the characters are juniors in high school. Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog – book cover, description, publication history. Morgan and her football star boyfriend Cam have been “attached at the hip since kindergarten,” but now their love is threatened by the.

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Some parts of Fairy Tale gave me a reminiscence of Wondrous Strange. The whole tale is addicting and astonishing. She seemed to take her boyfriend for granted, whine about completely unimportant things, care only about the taale If I sort through the emotions reading this fairy changeling story has brought up in me, the one that sticks out is sadness.

They even share the same birthday and Morgan and Cam have been planning a big sweet sixteen-birthday bash for months. I wanted to like Fairy Tale ; I really did.

It remeinded me of when I read ew over rated twilight. Or was it merely admiration? I just got Morgan and her sense of humor. The beginning of the book was all about how Morgan is trying to think of ways to outsmart the fairies and keep Cam with her.

Pretty much the author gave me zero reasons to continue reading. The part of the story that was hard to wrap my mind around, was how seemingly careless the fairies are.

I just loved the way the author crafted her story. On the surface anyway, it seems like exactly my kind of novel. I’m not surprised that Morgan had such a hard time deciding, I know I would have.

Fairy Tale

View the Lesson Plans. Jul 26, Erica daydreamer rated it really liked it Shelves: And that’s all I can really say on the subject, since I couldn’t get past chapter 4. Maybe it’s the music that’s growing on me, or it’s that I’m giddy from not having had anything to eat except half a miniquiche, but after a moment or so, I start to move my hips, too.


These tal not your Tinkerbell fairies, these are not the evil atle of some stories, they are somewhere in between. Fairy Tale is super predictable! I was excited to dig in and it didn’t disappoint.

FAIRY TALE by Cyn Balog | Kirkus Reviews

I kept reading hoping that it would get better, that Morgan, the main character, would grow up. It’s about making the best of things and beginning a new chapter in life, even if someone you love isn’t with you physically, they’ll always be in your heart and soul.

I loved everything about it. And Cam and Pip, their stories of transformation were captivating. But he doesn’t seem to mind. Jul 01, Arlene rated it liked it Shelves: Then Pip, Cam’s “cousin,” comes to stay with him, and Cam is suddenly different.

I loved the push and pull between the three of them, and the relationships that grow and change throughout the book. The main character had every bad female characteristic I could possibly imagine; it actually made me angry. B They both involved something being stolen in their cribs and placed in the other world.

In celebration of their Sweet 16 – they have decided to throw a joint 16 birthday bash. View all 5 comments. She may have the disadvantage here but with the help of a human from the fairy world named Pip, she will keep Cam here no matter what happens.

Dec 26, Carla Stafford rated it liked it. Morgan tries her hardest to understand and help Cam, but it becomes apparent fairly quickly she may be in over her head. Morgan Sparks has always known that she and her boyfriend, Cam, are made for each other.


The book opens with Morgan using her psychic abilities to tell someone their college dreams won’t come true and being annoyed that the girl she tells is crying. Spoiler, read at your own risk: In less that one week, Morgan starts jumping Pip’s bones and could care less that her “amazingly perfect” boyfriend is leaving. Dawn causes vines to wrap around Pip’s neck, releasing him only after Cam agrees to accompany her to Otherworld. That said, I think this a cute little fantasy tale- though it feels somehow cliche- that will delight younger female audiences.

Cameron shows Morgan his wings, and tells her that he is a fairy and will leave this world, on their sixteenth birthday, to go to Otherworld, a place that is full of fairies, a place that he is bound to rule now that his brother has died. She’s a evil, heartless jerk.

If I sort through the emotions reading this fairy changeling story has brought up in me, the one that sticks out is sadness. Neighbors, best friends, and sweethearts for life. In fact, this ability seems like it should, at the very least, be a compelling plot device. Then I thought her “gift” faiyr seeing the future actually didn’t add too much to the story. It fell right in place with the overall storyline.

Too bad she didn’t see her boyfriend turning into a fairy in a vision. Maybe since I’ve been reading a lot of murder mysteries with drama and suspense, this was like taking a breather, and I could not stop laughing throughout the whole thing.