The Elysian Drop Troops are Imperial Guard Regiments known for their rapid deployment capabilities, often deploying by rappelling or grav-chutes from Valkyrie. Photos of my Elysians from D Elysian Drop Troops D Collection by Joel Davies. Photos of my Elysians from D Board owner. Follow. Joel Davies. Hi guys, well ive finally finished my D99 elysian drop troop command squad. One of the guys has a melta gun, i decided to have a try at the olde.

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Vultures, Valkyries and Imperial Navy aircraft pack fearsome amounts of firepower, and swooping over the battlefield they can target just about anything. They did not account for us. The inquistor and D99 have all their support cut off and their ship leaves.

He dropped into the icy blast, his Valkyrie’s hatch unlocked. The Elysian drop regiments are completely volunteer and require at least one full tour of duty in the standard Elysian PDF.

This was confirmed in April with the remaining available Elysians moved to the “last chance to buy” section. However, the weapon is restricted to semi-automatic fire only in order to prevent waste and conserve ammunition.

Elysian Drop Troop Regiments often rely on demo-charges and special weapons for tank-busting. Retrieved from ” https: Huh, thats gotta be better than being declared contaminated and then “purified”.

And he ain’t gonna drop no more. The chimera was on the spot, the sentinels were running wild.

The guardsman’s company number will feature on the right shoulder-pad. Elysian Drop Troops are provided with high-quality armour and weapons and are extremely well-trained due to the difficulty required in mastering the tactics of airborne assault using Grav-Chutes and Valkyrie Airborne Assault Aircraft. Elysians are well trained in ship-to-ship boarding actions, ambush and guerrilla warfare as well as fighting in concert with orbital support when attacking enemies.

It is considered an unofficial badge of seniority, the more combat drops survived, the more senior a guardsman is considered amongst his peers. There are no infantry platoons the troops choices are all hardened veterans.

Elysian D99 vs Standard Elysians – WargamerAU Forums

They are still stuck with standard issue flashlights for getting down to business though. This model of lasgun doesn’t feature a bayonet lug so if engaged in close combat, Elysian guardsmen must switch to their standard 40cm combat blade. Among this group of Imperial Guard units can be counted the Elysian Drop Troops, who serve as highly mobile, elite airborne infantry equipped with sophisticated aircraft and Grav-Chutes intended to be used for deep strikes behind enemy lines.


Tactical flexibility is the Elysians’ true advantage over most other forces, and there are few tactical situations, other than a drawn-out planetary siege, that the Elysians cannot counter quickly and effectively.

Note their is a postscript that amounts to the other inqusitors expressing satisfaction at how well D99 did in their testing and perhaps other units could be developed along similar lines as successful tyranid fighters. While it is not elysiqn of for Elysian Drop Troop regiments to be supported by armoured and mechanised companies raised from their homeworld, [10d] typical combat doctrine foregoes the luxury of heavy vehicles and dictates the usage of fast-moving and lightweight assets.

It was later revealed that their elite elysiam are not even their own soldiers, but Tempestus Scions sent to babysit the regiment, which kind of takes away from their overall badassness.

Elysian Drop Troops

The Elysians also have elusian equipment available to them in the form of the Lascutter and Long Range Ground Scanner. The jumpsuit is also available in a variety of colours and camouflage schemes and includes numerous pockets for additional storage. Warhammer 40, Imperial Imperial Guard. This includes the operation of the Cyclops Demolition Vehicle. In 6th Edition, with the ability to spam flyers from hell to breakfast, Elysians turned from “interesting tactically-flexible army” to “cheesy cheese of cheesiness,” broken far beyond almost anything you faced before.

The jet stream became his shroud, he hurtled to the ground.


Because grimdarkthat’s why. This has not limited the action that Elysian regiments have seen within the Spinward Front, however.

epysian Grenades, supply pouches, canteens and other small equipment can be clipped to their belt while large pouches and a tactical load-bearing backpack fit onto the back plate and can be worn underneath the grav-chute. Upon signing up, troopers are sent to training bases throughout Elysia to be intensely trained in the art of deploying by grav-chute and honing their combat and survival skills.

The actual reason behind this is actually simple: I just want to know what is different about them from standard Elysians IMG: Typically each Drop Company will have its elhsian motor pool of Valkyries for transporting each individual squad into battle, and include a elysiann of Vulture Gunships to provide them with fire support.


Retrieved from ” https: Oh that’s the only warlord trait you get by the way, you wanted more? Contents [ show ]. So long as you can make your opponent come to you, you can dominate the battlefield.

In smaller engagements such as direct assaults of a fixed target, the Elysians are capable elysiann carrying out rapid assaults and maintaining their combat cohesiveness for several weeks without effective resupply.

Intestines were a-dangling from his guardsman’s suit.

SCIFI WARGAMERS: Showcase: D99 Elysian Drop troop command squad with melta gun.

elysiab D99 get surrounded and do elysiwn passable representation of Custer’s last stand. Some platoons will also include special weapons squadsequipped with special weapons and demo charges, while others will also be composed of hardened veterans who have been battle-tested by the elysin of war.

The Elysian Drop Troop regiments make extensive use of aircraft and elite soldiers plunging from the skies directly into battle.

These regiments are held as a strategic reserve by Lord Marshal Ghanzorik, who is careful to employ such a limited resource only when strictly necessary, unwilling to simply throw the valuable regiments into the meat-grinder. Through combating this ever-present threat, the Elysians are therefore well trained in ship-to-ship boarding actions, and fighting in concert with orbital support when attacking isolated pirate bases.

He thought about the chirurgeons and wondered what they’d find. This high-level of accuracy allows Elysian Drop Troops to elyysian far more effective when wielding lasguns or autoguns than the equivalent standard regiments of the Imperial Guard. The enginseers jumped and screamed with glee, rolled up their robes and smiled. While the D can handle pretty much every role, the allies are better for getting them Heavy Armour if you still really want that.