1. Communication Theory (EC ) charjee l Kumar ECE Department Rajalakshmi Engineering College EC COMMUNICATION THEORY Lecture NotesANNA UNIVERSITY ECE 5TH SEMESTER DETAILS: SUBJECT NAME. EC COMMUNICATION THEORY Lecture Notes for ECE – Fourth (4th) Semester posted by han EC Lecture Notes Syllabus.

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Example — Radiotelephony, cojmunication, point-to-point, mobile communications, computer communications, radar and satellite systems.

A Two half adders and one OR gate questions and answers pdf, computer organization and architecture multiple choice questions with answers free download. Published by Brianna Gomez Modified over 5 years ago. As long as any sets with more than one member remain, the same process is repeated on those sets, to determine successive digits of their codes.

This loss of information m communicatino at the output of the envelope detector is called the threshold effect. Broadcasting — Broadcast information to masses, through radio, television or teletext. To make this website elcture, we log user data and share it with processors. Since the information is closely associated with the uncertainty of the occurrence of a particular symbol, When the symbol occurs the information associated with its occurrence is defined as: The functions that relate the rate and distortion are theiry as the solution of the following minimization problem.

Input Transducer — placed at the transmitter which convert an input message into an electrical signal.


The effect of the system on X t is simply reflected by the change in mean m and covariance C of X t. Average noise power per unit bandwidth. Both Fourier series and Fourier Transform deal with the representation of the signals as a combination of sine and cosine waves.

It is the stage of down-converts the received RF frequencies to intermediate frequencies IF which are simply frequencies that fall somewhere between the RF and information frequencies, hence the name intermediate. X1 t X2 t XN t Sample function t The totality of all sample functions is called an ensemble For a specific time X tk is a random variable.


Poll Sticky Thread Sticky: Thermal noise can be closely modeled by Gaussian process. Computer performs the function of storing and processing the information. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyec222 cookie policy.

The pre-emphasized signal is used to frequency modulate the carrier at the transmitting end. These amplitude variations are rectified by the envelope detector to provide a DC output voltage which varies in amplitude and polarity with the input signal frequency. Messages come from voice, data, video and communicatiln types of information. One path is direct.

If the experiment is flipping a coin. Source coding in which the coding alphabet cannot exactly represent the source information. Rate distortion theory can be used for the given below situations: Interference with other waves Simultaneous transmission of audio signals will cause interference with each other. Any circuit that will convert a lscture variation in the carrier back into a proportional voltage variation can be used to demodulate or detect FM signals.

EC6402 CT Notes, COMMUNICATION THEORY Lecture Notes – ECE 4th SEM Anna University

This ratio is called figure of merit for the receiver and is defined as. This means that theoretically, it is possible to transmit information nearly without error at any rate below a limiting rate, C.

When low reverse biased voltage is applied, more capacitance is generated and thus decrease the frequency. Many links combined will establish a communication networks. Auth with social network: Registration Forgot your password?

The varactor diode changes its capacitance in sympathy with the info signal and therefore changes the total value of the capacitance in the tuned circuit.

  CISPR 16-2-3 PDF

The commnication piece of advice to any GATE aspirant is ‘know your syllabus’. Audio section is the stage that amplifies the recovered information.

Hence, it follows that we have a complete loss of information at the detector output as expected value will be zero. Transmission of original information whether analogue or digital, directly into transmission medium lecutre called baseband transmission. Basically this is achieved by assigning short descriptions to the most frequent outcomes of the source output and vice versa.

It is caused by random variation in the arrival of electrons or holes at the output of the devices. So, information cannot be guaranteed to be transmitted reliably across a channel at rates beyond the channel capacity.

Consider that the source is connected to an theoy with gain G. It is the idealized form of noise, whose spectrum is independent of the operating frequency. When noise factor is expressed in decibels, it is called noise figure. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. In lossy source coding, the source output is encoded at a rate less than the source entropy.

Varactor diode behaves as voltage controlled capacitor. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

Signal — electrical voltage or current which varies with time and is used to carry message or information from one point to another. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Resultant signal — modulated signal 2 types of modulation; Analog Modulation and Digital Modulation.

What is a signal? Then the Mutual information between the source X and the receiver Y can be expressed as: