Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review PS3 · Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review Xbox Final Fantasy XIII-2 starts in New Bodhum in the year AF, which is. Page 4 of the full game walkthrough for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements.

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Then head East to reach the Research Camp.

To complete this quest you’ll need to return to Luxerion at night, but we’ll do this later. He has no elemental weaknesses, although at one point he will get “enraged” and become more powerful fnial weaker in his defense weakness against all elements. By feeding the Chocobo more “items” you’ll be detlnado to make him more powerful in battle.

There are many things to do, and therefore proper time-management is important. The following hour the situation will be reverted: Go a bit East from the treasure, and then South.

As always, our interest is only for the last one of the three — buy the notes for these monsters from him: This is all we want to do in Yusnaan for today. Speak with this man and buy the Gift Glasses for 4, Gil. In particular, every “next day”, at In general, I wouldn’t recommend buying anything — it’s better if you save the EP to have them ready and available out of the Ark right away.

In this area you will often encounter the Ectopudding enemies. In other words, you must let the hours of the in-game Day advance in order to make Soul Seeds respawn. After a scene you’ll need to herd sheep A 2 back to the pen.

Rafflesia, Vali, Dryad, Ectopudding. It’s not necessary to use Overclock, but it does help at least speeding things up. You don’t need to fight any monster, and honestly there is little purpose in doing so, aside from practicing the battle system a little.


Table of Contents

Otherwise get on the North station train from Luxerion and go there on foot. In the three rooms on the West side of this area there are three treasure spheres to open one in each room. You don’t need to buy any of them, so it’s better finzl you save your precious Sbox for something more important they don’t cost much individually, but if you were to buy them all you would end up without Gil for the important items.

Fight 2x Anubys to continue. If possible, Stagger him before he can launch these attacks to prevent any damage. He’ll be here only before Instead, look down these platforms to notice fsntasy rocks with a treasure on it.

I do advise to use it a bit though, especially early on. In fact, Deotnado will automatically expire after the fight, and you will still “lose” the 10 minutes. In the open areas where we’ll go, try to fight Reavers “behemoth” weak against Thunder and Blizzard for yet more EP recovery.

Unleash physical and magic attacks when enemy is protected by barriers.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation 3 – GameFAQs

The Residences and Commercial District. We’re going to need all of our EPs against the next boss fight, so make sure to save them!

Your goal is to beat him to a race all the way to a random destination North train station or Forsaken Graveyard – East entrance; the latter is where the Phone Booth from the main quest is. That is all for Luxerion. You can’t talk with her though. While you’re here, speak with the Station Attendant don’t board any train though to unlock the local Teleport Station Luxerion – South Station.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

With the Schemata written earlier, this xbo be the plan: If you want, go back to farming Soul Seeds for another short while. Return to the Eremite Plains the way you came from. Lizard Lariat 26 15 Proof of hunting down more than 30 lizards in the shifting detonadl of the Dead Dunes. Please try to stay on the upper ledges if possible, since there’s nothing interesting on the ciii level. He’ll give you the item Father’s Letterand your goal is to make Pickett steal this item from you.


He takes just 1 HP of damage from any of your attacks, so it’s best if you set up three costumes with attacks that consume xbo little ATB as possible with abilities such as Light Slash, Punt, etc. They are not hard to defeat, but they tend to be quite a nuisance because you can only damage them with Ice-based spells. Dismount the Chocobo and speak with him press A near him ; choose the first option and feed him the Chocobull and the Mystical Meal obtained from a previous quest — along with the previous Yeul Fanhasy you fed him, this will be enough to make him able to Glide when you jump with Bkeep holding B to make him glide.

The Warren is funal from These platforms last only for a short while, and if they disappear you’ll need to speak with that NPC again to respawn them. When it’s done, teleport to the Research Camp. Here there will be several skeletons on the ground; nevermind them you can read some random notes if you examine them, but that’s all.

To continue with the quest you need to speak with the man inside the sheep pen, Dr. My advice is to wait for 1 in-game hour – After waiting after 1 in-game hour since the moment when you collected the Soul Seeds the first 3660go fight any random monster you find – Two Soul Seeds should have spawned: These dungeons are extremely linear, so there is no fantays for a map for them.

Reach the South station square before