Products > Online Catalogue > Product sheet. B. About Urmet Aug 2, , Product drawing in dxf format without dimensions -, dxf 99KB. Aug 2, Products > Online Catalogue > Product sheet. B Aug 2, , Product drawing in dxf format with dimensions in mm, dxf 97KB. Aug 2, , Aprimatic is Urmet S.p.A.’s The WHITE section of the catalogue presents ,56 / ,56 / ,80 /

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Steel gears with permanent lubrication. Z16Module 4 teeth pinion. Condominium use for wings up to Kg.

MATIC-BOX operators can be used for sectional doors if installed with the adapter arm accessory, also for counterweight-balanced up-andover door automation. Racks with different lengths are available on demand. Confronta offerte su Amazon.

Aprimatic kits are covered by an extended warranty. On opening and closing, the door may wholly fall within or partly protrude. Stainless steel screw for maximum strengness and long life.

Condominium use caalogo wings up to kg.

Toan Nguyen – disseturban

Based on specific installation requirements NOTE: It can be remotized to allow the release from the outside. A ll seals necessary for wing assembly can be purchased to size in multiples of 1 metre. Compact board size to leave plenty of room for wiring and to ensure easy installation and maintenance. All prices are subject to 22010. Residential use for wings up to 3m Kg.


Emergency release positioned on the side of the operator with customised key. The transmission of the rotational movement from the gear unit to the shaft, and from each element to the next on the shaft is guaranteed by joints with bolts and coupling pin. Aprimatic shall have no obligation to modify the Products in compliance with 0210 laws or regulations and the Purchaser shall be solely responsible for ensuring that the Products and any service of the Purchaser conform to the applicable technical and safety standards, laws and regulations in force in said country ies.

Catalogl – 5 weeks from date of order. The key-operated selector units can be used to set uurmet select 6 operating modes for automatic sliding doors.

Kit for counterweight-balanced up-and-over doors with electromechanical operator. Rolling shutters ,63 NOTE: Everything you catxlogo is ready for assembly: The carriage modules feature an antiderailment, anti-pitching, load-balancing system. Complete with serial cable for connection to a PC or to the Apritool configuration tool.

Prestigious third-party laboratories perform compliance testing required for EC marking and certify the aprimatic.

Toan Nguyen

Wing NK H New reversible single-motor automation for sliding doors. Ideal installation for spring-loaded or counterweight-balanced up-and-over doors and sectional doors, for residential use. They immediately cut the hydraulic pressure when an obstacle is detected to ensure maximum system safety. Z20Module 4 teeth pinion.


Automation system used for closing premises used for residential and commercial use. It returns you to the origins of human movement, freeing you to re-discover the four fundamental physical abilities: The EB2 electric lock can be fitted on request with mechanical udmet systems which is used to release the lock in the event of an operating fault, a mains power failure or a backup battery failure.


It is as a global partner for product quality and service efficiency. Sturdy and reliable thanks to the die-cast aluminium casing. Duo System and Try System are ideal for use with automation systems for large domes, outward-opening windows and large skylights.

The calculations for RH and LH single-wing automation systems are valid udmet both opening directions.

Apart from what set forth herewith, Aprimatic shall bear no other responsibility, in particular any liability for damages including loss of profit or any other subsequent loss here by expressly excluded. Ideal for heavy workloads in the presence of large-sized up-and-over doors. The chain is rust-proof thanks to the Dacro-met coating. The weight of the rolling shutter in kg can be obtained by multiplying the area by the weight per m2 of the material it is made of.

Per 22010, verifica di aver inserito una domanda valida. Optional 24 V battery kit for automation operation in case of power supply failure.