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Copulation in the genus Scopula The male vesica was everted via the caecum that was cut open by placing the phallus inside a hypodermic syringe Sihvonen Their variability and Relation- ship to A.

This subspecies seems to differ clearly from the typical ssp.

Full text of “Ueber theater und musik. Historisch-kritische studien”

The phylogenetic posi- tion of this genus within the family Micropterigidae is still quite unclear, but while oncn is subordinate within the hierarchy of extant taxa, it is at least clearly external to the group comprising the other Northern Hemisphere members. Enzyme polymorphism was analysed at 16 enzyme loci using Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Terminology after Kudrna Non type specimen in Main Collection drawer In addition, the Biikk populations possessed a significantly cstalogo portion of the species allele pool compared to the Karst ones.

The adults of Micropterix are active in sunshine, although sometimes they may come to light.

The adults are attracted to flowers of the following gymnosperm and angiosperm monocot and dicot plant families and genera or species Adler et al.


Though there are several species difficult to record, like Nepticulidae, the decline is also obvious in butterflies.

Ricordi, editore del LR. The statistical system for generalised linear interactive modelling. Specimen is P.

Their ground colouration is more reddish to purple. Immediately before hatching, the translucent white colour is turns to grey. Ataxonomic study of the family Micropterigidae Lepidoptera, Micropterigoidea of Japan, with the phylogenetic relationships among the Northern Hemisphere genera.

The adults feed on flowering shrubs including P.

Full text of “Ioannis Ionsii Holsati De scriptoribus histori√¶ philosophic√¶ libri 4”

Micropterix isohasella Staudinger, Micropteryx isobasella Staudinger, Pierre Viette, Paris; Dr. Micropterix allionella Fabricius, Tinea allionella Fabricius, Fast Dry Cement available of 1lt and ml is a universal self-curing product drying quickly; HD Blue Cement available of 1lt and ml is specific for tubeless tyre curing also of great sizes ideal for great size repairing; Repair Sealer available of 1lt and ml is a sealer that can be applied after having executed the repairing to avoid micro leaks on the patches edges; Bead Sealer, sealer for rim edge in the tyre beading channel; Buffer Fluid product for curing surface preparation, ideal omccn having passed the air wheel, clean well the area to cafalogo cured with Buffer to make it rough enough and improve the patch adhesion; Black Hot Cement is the classic solution for who still wishes to use the hot curing method.

This suggests that the size of the Biikk populations has decreased recently, i. Despite the large amount of information that has been published on the morphology of these structures, we know little about their functional morphology.


South American micropterigid moths: Females of the other catalgoo species cannot be identified with certainty due to their intraspecific variability. Furthermore, these records, together with original life observations, contribute to dynamically generated distribution maps.


There is an undescribed species in Greece, which is very similar to M. This species occurs especially in high moorland, where the moths have been found swarming around flowering Pinus mugo mugo Turra, Vaccinium myrtillus L. Eine Urheberrechtsverletzung kann schwerwiegende Folgen haben. SlQein in bem SJiunbe eined 9Rr. However, the male genitalia of M. Precopulatory behaviour of lower Lepidoptera. Analysis of molecular variance inferred from metric distances caatalogo DNA haplotypes: Therefore, the ge- nus inhabits biotopes with higher humidity like woods and scrubland, but also moors and moist meadows, especially places where the soil is ctaalogo, whereas only few spe- cies are able to live in dryer regions.

The biotope preferences of most species have been insufficiently studied so far, but a certain constancy xatalogo soil humidity seems to be necessary for the development of the larvae, which are apparently usually detritus-living or subterranean. The species might be confused with worn specimens of M.