Blaze Morgan, at 15, is the eldest of Lord Robert Morgan’s eight spirited but loving daughters, and the financially strapped aristocrat is relieved to have her. Title: Blaze Wyndham Author: Bertrice Small Publication Info: Onyx/NAL Reprint , Original ISBN: Genre: Historical. From the New York Times bestselling “resigning queen of romance” (Literary Times), comes a love story on a grand scale, featuring an innocent country girl.

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This was a quick read for me, as the twists and turns kept coming! There was a great deal of intrigue and gripping events that kept me turning the p I love Betrice Samll and the characters that the creates! Her review might eventually be here. Silly ‘historical fiction’ about woman in Tudor times The only reason I took off one star was because I disliked one episode in this otherwise highly enjoyable saga that did not seem to fit in and abruptly broke the cohesiveness of the story.

The book ended up being really good and I enjoyed reading it. Was this suffocating Sueishness without a point a sign of an author in search of a book with a looming deadline? Baze truly brought them to life.

What kept this from getting one star was the rich historical setting.

I should make a Bertie one tho. There was a problem adding your email address. Nevertheless, I’m assigning this book “hot mess” status. Putting that aside, I loved the melodrama, the so-lush-it’s-almost-porn way the author described clothes and food, and the characters, all of whom were well developed.

To ask other readers questions about Blaze Wyndhamplease sign up. But don’t worry, Husband 1 is sure bertride inform her of important things like barren Joan of Valois’s voluntary retirement into a convent so Louis XII can marry a fertile princess and save France with a male heir.


Her heroines are always uncomfortably young, there’s always some jealous she-witch who’s precociously sexual and is not above using such shamefully wanton acts to seduce men the harlots! This was a wonderful love story, I wyndhwm it all the time!


Refresh and try again. Fuck you and your dreams and your personality and your faith. I was a bit surprised at how well I liked this book.

I also liked the history she added to the story. We only hear about other people at court in the context of whether they want to bang her Thomas Seymoursend her away Anne Boleynor use her as a buffer between Hal and Boleyn Wolsey. Overall- read it, enjoyed it but nothing to think twice about. I had so many laughs. I have one thing to say to you, Blaze Wyndham: Skye O’Malley rarely gets off the crazytrain adventure roller coaster.

There were times when I was confused, in disbelief, or didn’t get the point and wanted to fast-forward. The court drama could fill a thimble. Apr 07, Dee rated it did not like it.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Aug 24, Tonia Caniglia rated it it was amazing. I think the relationship between Blaze and Anthony came a little too easily, but it wasn’t terribly unbelievable, and it did take time for her feelings to be realized.

View all 4 comments. I don’t know if I should be scared or excited. Apr 02, Maryann Korzeniewski rated it it was amazing. That only takes a line or two, maybe a couple paragraphs at most, so the rest of the time can be spent on important shit like Blaze pondering that she’s not getting pregnant by Henry because they’re not really in love.

He’s pleasantly surprised, then, to discover that Blaze is also beautiful, kind, intelligent–and spunky enough to refuse to bed Edmund, a virtual stranger, until a thunderstorm drives her into his arms whereupon her hidden passionate nature emerges.

I cannot remember if I have read this book once before and picked it up again, but it seems that a similiar plot was presented in Darling Jasmine The part with Henry Tudor was quite fascinating, I must admit, having recently watched the Tudors on HBO myself I quite liked to element vertrice historical re-imagining. One of you in my ass, for my French and Italian lovers schooled me well in that particular perversion. I’m talking about euphemisms like he “released his tribute into her waiting body” and he “poured blaz libation of his love into her golden cup.


Remember ladies, your only worth is having babies and make sure they are sons. The best part of this book was the violet purple prose sex scenes. It was my flavor of the month, book-wise, and I’d been slowly chipping away at the page count via many a waiting room, bus ride, and lunch break. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Blaze Wyndham

Henry–known for his liking for the ladies–of course overpowers Blue, who is later removed from the court and married to Anthony, the new Earl of Langford. I bet she had a boy. Since her adored and adoring husband knocked her up, her logic is flawless in Blaze’s dusty cupboard of a brain.

All of Blaze’s sisters get married to men old enough to be their fathers, and there are pages and pages of how eager these preteens are to “do it” with these older men, to the point that they even spy on other people having sex for pointers.

Blaze Wyndham (Wyndham Saga, #1) by Bertrice Small

May 11, Sherry rated it really liked it. This will be my first Bertie. But that pesky little plot thread is taken care of nearly as soon as it begins dyndham the story goes back to Blaze trying to manipulate people into doing what she and Henry want because of loyalty and patriotism and shit.

The writing was certainly rushed and lazy in spots.