Attalea butyracea is an evergreen Tree growing to 20 m (65ft) by 15 m (49ft) at a medium rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) The flowers are pollinated by Bees. Scheelea butyracea (Mutis ex L.f.) ex in Kerchove de Denterghem, Palmiers: (). Heterotypic. Attalea blepharopus Mart. in. Description: Attalea butyracea (syn. Scheelea butyracea) is a huge solitary palm with large erect and gently arching leaves. It is completely spineless. It may be.

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Canopy palm with large ‘shuttlecock’ shaped leaves. Prune diseased, damaged or drying fronds, but do not prune if the frond still has some green colour. Pinnate, very large, m long often curved. It is a great palm in a boggy spot where the land has been raped, and drainage is not so good.

Fallen seeds Photograph by: You can unsubscribe at anytime. Scheelea butyracea is a huge solitary palm with large erect and gently arching leaves. The fruit is 8cm or more long and 6cm wide[ ], borne in very large racemes[ ]. Back to Palms And Cycads Encyclopedia index.

Beetle larvae from decaying stem. Year ISBN Description The second edition of an excellent guide to the edible uses of plants, though it does not give any details of cultivation etc.

Tall, broad, single, 3 to 20 m tall occasionally up to 45 m of height and cm butygacea diameter, grey with slight horizontal constrictions, often covered with persistent leaf bases. Attalea humboldtiana Spruce Attalea macrocarpa H.

Ripening fruits Photograph by: Ara macao feeding on Attalea fruits Photograph by: It is not unusual to see offspring growing in the old leaf boots of a mature tree. Wood – used for construction[ ]. Publisher Angus and Robertson Year ISBN Description An excellent guide, well illustrated, with information on cultivation, uses, habitat etc of almost species of Palms.


The large fronds are split longitudinally, along the mid rib.

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It is also common in secondary forests, disturbed areas, along roads and inside human dwellings. The book can be downloaded from the Internet. Palms recycle nutrients from dead or dying fronds and use them for healthier fronds. Back to Arecaceae index. Attalea butyracea Mutis ex L. Generally, roofs made of palm leaves must be quite steep to encourage the runoff of rainwater and butyarcea avoid seepage and leaks[ ].

The pulp of the fruit is used to prepare drinks and can be made into a fermented drink while sttalea oil extracted from the kernel is edible.

Attalea butyracea

This trait gives it excellent potential for use as a pioneer species when restoring native wodland and, given its wide range of uses, makes it especially useful when establishing woodland gardens[ K ]. Scheelea dryanderae Burret Scheelea excels H. All images copyright of the artists and photographers see images for credits. Rich in oil[ ]. A first class website.

Wood is used as construction material. Now containing plants. Either as a single specimen or in groups, this is a strikingly beautiful species. Prefers full sun but will tolerate half day sun. Fruit are very numerous and a single raceme may weight up to 50 kg or even more!

It can also yield fibre that can be used in rope-making and coarse fabrics. Hot, sunny and moist. It serves several functions such as food source and as material for construction.


This taxon has not yet been assessed. Many Special Thanks to Ed Vaile for his long hours of tireless editing and numerous contributions. Each entry has a brief description of the plant and its uses, accompanied by btuyracea to many excellent quality photographs of the fruits.

Scheelea passargei Burret Scheelea regia H.

If harvested at the correct time with the leaves being neither too old nor too youngroofs made out of this material can last for four years or more[ ]. Thatched roof, made from the leaves of this plant Photograph by: It has a straight, single stem that can grow up to 50 cm in diameter. Prefers a moist soil and probably does not mind poor drainage[ ]. Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally. Attalea humboldtiana Spruce Attalea macrocarpa H.

Attalea butyracea Wine Palm PFAF Plant Database

Male flowers pale yellow, with club shaped petals mm long, and 6 stamens of the same length as the petals. Few people are aware of just how large this palm can get, and one often sees butyravea planted in places where its going to cause real problems later on.

Female flowers per branch, about 15 mm long.