Fulltext – Factors Contributing to Critically Endangered Status of Aquilegia nivalis Falc ex Jackson- an Alpine Endemic Angiosperm in the Kashmir Himalaya. Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Baker Accepted Name . During our study of the high altitude threatened alpine plant species Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Ba May PDF | During our study of the high altitude threatened alpine plant species Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Baker and Doronicum falconeri Cl. ex Hk. f. of the north- west.

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Dar and Lubna Andleeb. The seedlings, after attaining distinctive appearance, were marked using colour-paint following Khushwaha et al. Habitat preferences of Aporosa in two Malaysian forests: Jacks and Doronicum falconer C.

As a consequence, flowers will be less visited, resulting in lower seed set Agren, ; Groom, The stigma elongates invalis reaches up to the tips of petals before anthesces.

Jacks is a rare species in alpine zones of Uttarakhand Himalaya and listed as a threatened species in India. Reproductive biology of the dioecious Canary Islands endemic Withania aristata Solanaceae. An insect landing anywhere on the inner petals, pistil, or stamen was treated as one insect visit.

A conservative indicator of the breeding system in flowering plants. Factors controlling fruit set in hermaphrodite plants: The stigmas were stained with aniline blue in lactophenol Hauser and Morison, and scanned under light microscope x for pollen deposition.

Aquilegia nivalis

Dianthis pulmarius var lumnizerii. The biology and ecology of endemic and widespread plants: Copyright c C. Experimental demonstration of an Allee effect in American ginseng.


DarZafar ReshiG. Pollination Biology, Real, Aquileiga. The number of individuals in its populations ranges from 2. Reproductive success increases with local density of conspecifics in the desert mustard Lesquerella fendleri.

Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Baker | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

Natural History Natural History. The mean pollen abundance was determined for this species by selecting five reproductive plants and calculating pollen number per anther, flower and plant.

Roy Lancaster reported it from Lashpatri, Vishensar and near Sonamarg during a botanical tour to Kashmir. Seeds per capsule variable, A globally coherent fingerprint of climate change impacts across natural systems. These treatments were used to test for open pollination, apomixis, geitonogamy, cross-compatibility, autogamy or self-compatibility and other breeding characteristics of the species.

Pollen viability and pollen ovule ratio: Or, Login with your user account:. Beautiful uploads I think you have very good flower repository of flowers The jivalis may be Aquilegia nivalis. Dhar and Kachroo a reported an overall percentage of Primula cuneifolia var saxifragifolia OUT. The pollen load on the abdomen and hind legs of the insect was high.

A comparative study of 81 species. Limitation on reproductive success in endemic Aquilegia viscosa Ranunculaceae relative to its widespread cogener Aquilegia vulgaris: Assessing conservation priorities in nialis Mexico: Furthermore, studies have also established that large population size had a positive effect on pollination Aizen and Feinsinger,seed or fruit production Luijten et al.

Meconopsis aff Lingholm purple flowers. Photographed in Sunderdhunga valley of Uttarakhand. Thanks are due to the Head, Department of Botany, University of Kashmir, Srinagar for providing all the necessary facilities and encouragement required to accomplish the present study.


Lower cauline leaves a few 6. Journal of Threatened Taxa4 9 Primula x pubescens mix. Effects of habitat size and patch isolation on reproductive success of the serpentine morning glory. By using aniline blue in lactophenol Hauser and Morison,the percentage of stained pollen in random but non-overlapping microscopic fields three replicates for each staining treatment was determined Bernardello et al.

The values for flower number depict that it was highest 1. Like other endangered endemic plant species, the high-altitude Aquilegia nivalis has over the period of time been forced to find refuge in the hostile environmental conditions, where it has to sustain amidst habitat fragility, habitat destruction, trampling, herbivory and extraction.

Five species of it occur in India. No seeds were formed either under apomictic or autogamous conditions Fig. Demography and Conservation Demography and Conservation. Total number of pollen grains in one floral bud was worked out.

Aquilegia nivalis : Grows on You

Anemone trullifolia var linearis. Abstract During our study of the high altitude threatened alpine plant species Aquilegia nivalis Falc.

The overall visitation rate and insect visitation frequency is considerably low in the two population studied.